Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wicked (the musical) and Halloween Cookies

Today, just for fun, I decorated a few cookies with royal icing. I started with some Halloween cookies using one of Wilton's cookie cutter sets.

And then I decided to decorate some in the Wicked colors. I am a huge fan of all things Wizard of Oz so, of course, I love the musical Wicked!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rustic Elegant Wedding Cake

We had quite a few great cakes this week, but this one was definitely my favorite. I'll show you the cake first, and then give you all the details.

The bride brought in her wedding invitation and asked us to recreate the pattern, but in a slightly different green, on her cake. She provided the same ribbon and buckles that she'd used on the invitation, and I used the brush embroidery technique to create the pattern.

Not familiar with brush embroidery? Well, you pipe the design on the cake, and then drag some of the icing towards the center of the design using a slightly damp paintbrush. It's not a difficult technique but it's VERY time consuming. Normally, you'll use a large tip like a 3 or 5 when piping the design, but this pattern was so small and delicate that I used a tip 1. The decorating of this cake took almost 4 hours.

Have you ever seen such an adorable cake topper!? I just love it. While I was setting up the cake at the reception, the groom told me that they found a similar full-size picture frame so they can take a picture just like the topper. Love it!

This was where the wedding took place - at Dudley Farm State Park. Don't you love the setting? Best of all, you could hear all the animals on the farm braying and mooing in the background!

And each place setting had a special jar of "spread the love."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sporty Groom's Cakes

Typically, the wedding is the bride's vision so a groom's cake is a great way for the groom to express himself! Sports are always popular topics for groom's cakes.

This one was a giant, carved golf ball covered in white fondant. The couple's new last name was written across the top like the brand logo.

This groom requested a "gi" (karate uniform) for his cake. It was hand-carved and covered with white fondant. You might not be able to tell from the photo, but we textured the fondant to look like fabric.

Kobe Bryant's Lakers jersey! Again, the cake was hand-carved and covered with fondant. This cake was actually served at the rehearsal dinner. I love that idea! Let the groom express himself at the rehearsal dinner so you can have cake BOTH nights!

And a hand-carved basketball! The ball was textured and labeled with the couple's new last name.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Florida ICES Day of Sharing - Daytona

I am a proud member of an organization called ICES (International Cake Exploration Society). It's a huge group of sugar artists - enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals alike! Every year, there is a gigantic convention with demos, hands-on classes, sugar art displays, etc. This year's convention was in California, the one before that was in Chicago, and the one before that was in Orlando. Next year, we're all headed to Charlotte!

And during the year, the state chapters hold their own get-togethers called Days of Sharing (DOS). At the end of September, I attended the DOS in Daytona, FL. We watched demos, admired each other's sugar art, chatted with other sugar artists, had lunch, tried to win awesome raffle prizes...and then we participated in a new addition to the day - the Cake Challenge!

Three teams of three were chosen at random. Luckily, Susan of Sweet Designs Kitchen and I were on the same team! Yay! And we were teamed up with Valerie, who has only been decorating cakes for a few months. We were psyched and ready to go!

We were given a box with our cake and tools and some icing. We had 20 minutes (I think...I can't remember exactly) to complete our cakes!

Susan immediately began icing our cake while Valerie and I brainstormed how to decorate the cake...We were only give a few different decorating tips and a couple of bags, but we had no icing colors! ICES is all about "caring and sharing" so we were encouraged to "share" with the other competing teams.

Valerie spotted some icing colors and different decorating tips over at Team 1's table.

And then the whole competition came to a halt! Merrie Lee, the Florida ICES Representative and Chairman of the Challenge, instructed us to stop our work. We had to select one person from the team to perform a special challenge. Susan looked at me. I'm game!

The challenge was to create a bow out of fondant and incorporate it into our cake design. No problemo!

While I was working on the bow, Susan began piping rosettes around the base of our cake. And Valerie ran off to borrow someone's sugar art display to place on our cake.

Aren't these little animals adorable?! Thank goodness Valerie had spotted them during the day! We set the fondant figures on the cake and Valerie piped grass around them with a tip 3. Yep, that means she piped every single blade of grass - we didn't have the luxury of the grass tip!

We also borrowed some wafer paper butterflies from Lisa Menz that she'd printed with her PhotoFrost system. I'll post about her demo later - it was awesome!

After placing the fondant bow on the cake, I looked down at my hands. Yuck! I was in such a hurry that I didn't take proper precautions against color staining like coating my hands with shortening. Oh well, it'll fade!

Oh, and just ignore the word written across my forehead....kinda weird, huh? Our table was right in front of the projector screen so the light was in our eyes the whole time.

We had some time left over in the end so Susan piped some leaves while Valerie and I provided moral support and watched her every move.

Valerie, Susan, and me with our final cake!

Nice going, girls!

We were good sports - high fiving the other teams. Some may say we were sucking up to the judges...believe what you want.

Team 1's cake. I don't remember their names except for Paul Caswell. Sorry, ladies! They borrowed sugar flowers Paul brought to display at the DOS and some of the PhotoFrost butterflies.

And here's our gorgeous cake again. I'm biased, but I think ours was the best!

And Team 3's cake. They created almost everything you see here during the Challenge.

And who was the winner?????

Team 3!

So we didn't win, but it was SOOOO fun! I love a good competition so the Challenge totally made my day! Thank you, Julie, for taking all the photos during the Challenge!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tiger Lily Wedding Cake with Buttercream Swirls

Ok I must confess...we did this cake a looooooong time ago. Maybe a couple months or so ago? I don't know why I didn't post it sooner - maybe I just thought it wasn't that spectacular. Who knows?!

It was made for a wedding at Golden Ocala, and it was iced in buttercream with hand-piped buttercream scrolls around each tier.

The flowers you see area all fresh.

And the green stem was made of green fondant.

But the best part about this delivery is that the bride and photographers walked into the room as soon as we'd set the cake down. I wasn't going to include these photos in the post, but you'd never believe me if I told you the bride was beyond excited about her partially decorated wedding cake.

I mean, I didn't even have any flowers on it yet! But there she was, squealing and giddy!

And I totally didn't think I was in the photo...I was trying to hide behind the cake while I worked on getting the flowers ready.

*These last two photos were taken by Russel Martin Photography, a super awesome husband-and-wife team! Thanks for giving me copies!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hedgepiggle Etsy Giveaway Winner!

And the winners are....

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Congratulations! The winners were chosen by using, and have 24 hours to contact me to claim the prize. Thanks to everyone for entering and to Hedgepiggle for sponsoring the giveaway!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nerf Dart Birthday Cake

I love a colorful, fun cake! And we're always making cakes for girls in bright colors like pink, purple, lime green, yellow, etc. Last week, we had a change of pace...a bright, fun cake for a BOY!

The birthday boy's mom brought in a picture of a cake she wanted replicated so here's our version:

It's for a Nerf-themed party! So fun and SO boy, right?!

The cake was iced in bright yellow buttercream. The darts were made of orange & black fondant. And the Nerf logo and targets were made of fondant.

*Remember, today's the last day to enter the giveaway by Hedgepiggle's Etsy shop!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Personal Susan G. Komen 3-Da for the Cure Super Rock Star

A good friend of mine is participating in the Susan G. Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure so, in her honor, I'm posting a cake we did last week for a 16th birthday party.

The cake was iced in butter cream and decorated with fondant zebra stripes and stars.

But back to my friend Julie. Over the weekend of October 29, 2010, she'll be walking 60 miles in the Tampa area. And she was chosen as the Energizer Keep Going Blogger for the Tampa walk so she'll be blogging and vlogging before the walk, during it, and after it! Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

Julie has already raised $2450 with donations from friends/family and Energizer's sponsorship. But she's still only at 74% of her goal ($3300). Help her reach her goal by donating at her personal fundraising page!

Know your risk. The two biggest risks of breast cancer is being a woman and growing older. One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Komen for the Cure is the largest network of breast cancer survivors and activists working together to save lives, empower people, help everyone receive quality care, and energize science to find the cures.

Another way to support Julie is to send her a card or letter (no packages) during the walk! All cards/letters must be postmarked by Tuesday, October 19th. Send them to:

SGK 3-Day for the Cure
Camp Post Office
Attn: Julie Deily
PO Box 41611
St. Petersburg, FL 33743

Ok, folks, here it is. Last year, I ran a half marathon with some friends. My knees won't let me run anymore, but I can certainly walk! I'm saying this here, publicly, so you can all hold me to it. I'm going to do the Susan G. Komen Tampa 3-Day for the Cure next year! Join me, and together we'll raise money and make a stand!

Julie, you are a Super Rock Star! We're all rooting for you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Green & Bronze Flowers on a Wedding Cake

A couple weeks ago, we did a sweet little wedding cake. It was 2 tiers iced in ivory buttercream and had a cascade of green & bronze flowers.

bronze green wedding cake
So simple and sweet.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Procter & Gamble with Publix: Cooking Up Early Detection Giveaway

Procter & Gamble and Publix are doing it again! Last year, they gave away a great set of pink cookware and kitchen tools. And if you missed out, bummer! I use my pink saute pan all the time!

But don't be too sad - you get another chance to get some pink cookware this year! Check your local Publix for a stand with these forms:

Then, spend $25 or more (before tax) on Procter & Gamble brands in one transaction between 9/20/10 and 10/17/10. If you can't find the forms, write the following on a piece of paper: your name, complete address, phone number, & name of retailer. Send your receipt and the form/info (postmarked by 10/25/10 and received by 11/8/10), and you'll get this great stuff:

The FREE pink kitchenware set from Good Cook’s Hope line includes a 2 quart sauce pan with lid, Classic Balloon Wisk, 3 Piece Mini Nylon Tool Set and 2 piece Nylon Scrub Brush Set.

But the best part about it is that you don't have to spend money on things you wouldn't normally buy. Procter & Gamble owns so many brands that you would likely spend $25 on them anyway! They own Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Puffs, Bounce, Olay, Swiffer, etc!