Friday, March 27, 2009

Escape to Savannah

Last weekend, Adam and I went to Savannah for James' and Elise's wedding! I was really looking forward to the trip because I'd never been there and because I really needed to escape from reality for a while! I have the habit of filling up every spare minute with "doing" - whether it be playing with sugar, cleaning the house, bathing Nani, crafting, baking, etc. - so I run myself ragged. I knew if I went to Savannah, I'd be forced to relax and slow down for a change!

Savannah was absolutely beautiful and the weather couldn't have been nicer! Ok, it could have been slightly warmer, but that's my only complaint! When we first arrived in Savannah around noon on Saturday, Adam and I delivered the wedding cake (Elise baked it and my mom & I decorated it) to the reception location. Then, we met up with James, Elise, Carrie, and Luis for lunch. After lunch, Luis, Carrie, Adam, and I walked around Savannah until it was time for us to go get ready for the wedding.

The four of us stopped at the Riverstreet Sweets Candy Store and got an afternoon snack. Adam and I shared a dark chocolate-dipped stick of marshmallows - yummy but hard to eat!

And then it was time for the wedding! James and Elise stayed at the Kehoe House Bed & Breakfast and got married in the square right across the street. It was picture perfect! Here are a few of my photos during the ceremony...notice my amateur attempt at Photoshop.

Here's a great shot at Elise's gorgeous gown as she said "hi" to Lorelei.
After the short, sweet ceremony, they took a stroll around the square to "share a moment as husband and wife," as the pastor put it.

Afterwards, they took a bunch of family photos and then took off to take romantic portraits together. Again, Luis, Carrie, Adam and I strolled around downtown Savannah. We all met back up at the Old Pink House for the reception dinner.

The wedding cake was proudly displayed on a table of it's own:

It was chocolate cake with praline-flavored buttercream. I covered the cakes with fondant on Wednesday to seal in the freshness and moisture. I decorated the cakes, with Mom's help (excellent polka dots, don't you think???) and Dad's input, on Thursday evening. This allowed the fondant enough time to harden so I was sure the cakes would be fine during the 4 hour trip to Savannah. However, I hadn't planned on driving through at least an hour of construction and bumpy roads! Fortunately, the cakes made it without any damage!

Decorator's Secret: The bottom tier is actually a dummy (Styrofoam)! Elise wanted a large wedding cake but only had 25 people in attendance so we added the dummy to give the cake that extra boost!


EliseK said...

I LOVE the pics! And thanks for coming! I hope you guys had fun :)

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