Monday, December 6, 2010

White Buttercream Wedding Cake, Black Bow, and a SURPRISE!

Here's a very clean, elegant, gorgeous wedding cake. It was 3 hexagon tiers iced in buttercream, with each tier wrapped with a black satin ribbon.

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko
The bride provided the shiny, ornate monograms and the broach to go in the center of the large gum paste bow I made. I love how the bow is offset on the top of the cake, and the tails just drape down over the other tiers!

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko
But, wait! What's this peeking from around the back of the cake???

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko
Oh my! It's a gecko!

Yup, they wanted a sugar gecko climbing up the back of the cake! The bride has a pet gecko, and apparently it represents the couple's quirkiness. Just like no two couples are the same, neither are their cakes!

Or their geckos, for that matter. This is actually the second gecko I made. I based the creation of the first one off a quick Google search for "gecko." The bride & groom were in the bakery the week of the wedding so we excitedly showed them the gecko. It didn't pass inspection. You see, she doesn't have an ordinary gecko. She has one with a stumpy little tail like you see in the photo. The tail actually mimics the head so if the gecko is attacked by a predator, it can fool him and escape!

You learn something new every day, right?

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko


JulieD said...

Very cool! You did a great job! :)

Roxanne said...

Awesome! I totally would have made a gecko that looked like the one from the Geico commercial unless someone specifically told me otherwise... :)

Chinchilla813 said...

I love this!! Very nice :)

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