Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leopard & Zebra Print Birthday Cake

I've got some cake catching up to do so I promise to post 1 cake each day this week! And, stay tuned for another sneak peak on Facebook! This one may actually accompany a PRIZE!!!

Here's a cake I made while still working at Ms Debbie's Sugar Art in Newberry. It was designed by the birthday girl herself. She wanted Tiffany blue zebra print, leopard print, a glitzy topper, the word "Diva" on there somewhere, some purple quilted pattern, and a beauty queen-like sash across the front. Wow, that's a lot! Luckily, it all come together in one cohesive design.

leopard print zebra print cake tiffany blue birthday 18 fondant quilted
Now, that's what I call a custom, personalized cake!


sweeteatscakes said...

This is such a fun cake! Well done!

Cupcations said...

You did an awesome job incorporating the colors you couldn't of done it better! Beautiful & fun!


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