Monday, November 7, 2011

Sand Castle Cake and Newborn Photography

I know I said I'd try to keep my family off this blog since it's a CAKE blog...but I can't resist this post.  One week after Mikaela was born, my friend Elise Kersey of Elise Kersey Photography took some newborn photos at a local beach. 

We got there EARLY so we could catch the sunrise. 

Little Mikaela loved the warm weather - and it made her so sleepy!

But wait!  This blog post does relate to cakes!  I made a sand castle cake for the photo shoot.

 The whole cake was covered with light brown sugar, and I decorated it with hand-made gum paste shells and a piece of fondant driftwood into which Mikaela's name was carved.

Our sweet baby girl is now 7 weeks old.  She's chubbier and she now smiles at us, but she's still a beach bum at heart.  We have a picture of a beach hanging above her changing table and she loves to lay there smiling and coo-ing at it.  We're excited to take her to the beach for her first ocean swim one day!


sweeteatscakes said...

Congrats, and you look fab for just having a baby!

D.J. said...

I'm so glad you decided to add pictures of your former "bun in the over" to you cake pictures. She's truly beautiful. What a lovely blessing.

Энн said...

фотографии чудесные!

Jessica E said...

Melanie she's gorgeous!! And the sand castle cake is amazing! Congrats again :)

Pink Lotus said...

Congrats ! Cute Baby and good family . Beautiful pictures share so thanks

Luxury Hotels said...

wow nice photography ! beautiful family and cute baby

Pauline Bakes the Cake! said...

Such a beautiful baby! The sand castle cake is fabulous! Congrats!! : )

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