Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Day at the Central Florida Fair

Last Saturday, Adam and I went to the Central Florida Fair. Our main reason for going was to see all the other entries in the confectionery arts competition, but we also thought it'd be fun to spend the day eating, playing carnival games, and spinning on all the rides!

Because I was DYING to see if my cakes won any ribbons, we ran straight to the cake competition! We were both thrilled to see that both cakes had won ribbons! The tulip wedding cake won 1st place in its category - "wedding cake 4 tiers or more" - and the It's Showtime won first place in it's category too! The It's Showtime cake also won Best of Show! How exciting!!! What's even more exciting is that I competed in the professional division this time! The rules for the fair competition stated that teachers were to enter the professional guess that included me! Here is a photo of all of the confectionery competitions entries at the fair:

And here are some close-ups of a few of my favorites. The first one is the cake that got 2nd place in the "wedding cakes 4 tiers or more" category.

For the record, this cake topper was probably not leaning when the artist dropped it off at the fair. The Florida humidity often alters the entries since people are constantly in and out of the exhibition hall during the day. She's probably just "wilting" due to the humidity.

I'm sure you also noticed that each of these cakes won either a red or blue ribbon. There were SO many categories so lots of ribbons were awarded!

As I mentioned in the previous entry about the Central Florida Fair, there was also a Peeps diorama competition. These aren't the winners, but they're my personal favorites:


Jordan Stroman said...

Hi there,
I came across your blog while googling for cake decorators in central Florida. Let me just say, your cakes are beautiful! I love watching the challenge shows on the Food Network. Looks like so much fun! I am actually graduating high school next month and was looking into having some kind of fun tiered cake. Do you ever do cakes on commission? My email is if you are interested.
Jordan Stroman

Anonymous said...

do you know what the prizes were for the winners?

Melanie said...

The winners all received a ribbon and a small monetary reward. Nothing to brag about, but it's nice to be appreciated! :)

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