Monday, June 27, 2011

The Big Cookie Reveal!

Last week, I posted this picture:

summer teacher vacation cookies margarita watermelon
And I told you the cookies were a surprise for someone very important in my life. Did you guess who that person was???

My mom!

Coincidentally, one of my Mom's former students (she's a 5th grade teacher in TX) was in Florida on vacation with her family. Her Mom saw my temporary Ph.D.-serts & Cakes website and called me. They wanted to bring some surprise cookies back to my Mom! How sweet is that?!

So I decided to do a "Summer Teacher" cookie mix.

summer teacher vacation cookies
She received chalk boards, pencils, watermelon, beach balls, sunglasses, cupcakes, and ice cream cones. When I think of "teacher on vacation," that's what comes to mind!

The best part was that Mom had NO CLUE! *insert evil laugh here* I love being sneaky like that.


lizy b said...

Love the chalkboards! I miss when we still had chalkboards, now it's just white boards.

Neesie said...

It's wonderful to spoil Mum's. They are so deserving. The cookies look a real treat and I'm certainly going to bake some once I get settled into my new kitchen.

Maris (In Good taste) said...

These cookies are amazing! You must of had a very happy and surprised mom!

Alanna said...

Those are so amazingly adorable! I really love that pencil; it's so cute and perfect~

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