Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Cookie Bouquet Class at Ms Debbie's Sugar Art!

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, we had a Fall Cookie Bouquet class at the bakery. I posted about it here already, but now I'll give you pictures I took during the class!

We started out by outlining our cookies. Traci had beautiful nails so she became the class' official hand model!

Here's Jerry concentrating on his cookie and pretending I'm not taking a photo. I don't know how he decorates standing up...I forget that I'm standing and lose my balance. Seriously. The whole class was standing so I decided to stand, but I almost toppled over sideways! Does that happen to anyone else???

Then, I taught them how to thin down their icing to flood the cookies. There were 5 people in the class and 5 colors to thin down...perfect! Each person took care of a color. I love it when things work out like that!

Emily was the only person in class who hadn't taken the Wilton Method classes at Michaels - but you couldn't tell! She was awesome!

We lined all our cookies up and aimed a fain on them so they'd dry super fast!

After a little drying time, we added the final details. Don't you love how Corinne marbelized the flood icing on her acorn?

And Anita's turkey turned out super cute!

This is a close-up of the turkeys in process.

And the finished bouquet!


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