Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rivalry Week in College Football and Snowman Cookies

It's rivalry week for a lot of college football teams across the nation. Adam and I are psyched to watch our teams play...against each other...this afternoon!

I'm predicting a tense afternoon. We have to silently cheer for our teams so we don't upset each other. After all, neither of us wants to sleep on the couch tonight! We can usually get through the day relatively unscathed. It's our parents that do all the trash talking and cause all the trouble! Hush, you guys! *wink*

Lately, I've been on a sugar cookie decorating kick so in honor of the most exciting game of the season (in my opinion, at least), I made two snowmen wearing our school colors.

Notice the University of Florida (orange & blue) snowman's nose is pointed downward while the Florida State (garnet & gold) snowman's nose is point up? That was my subtle way of predicting the outcome of the game. The Noles will win!*

*Adam rarely reads my blog posts so I don't predict that this little comment will cause much trouble in the Judge household. hehe Go Noles!


Sue said...

Very clever way of showing your support! Go Noles - kick some Gator tail!

JulieD said...

Too cute! I love these cookies!

JulieD said...

Just shared this on twitter...when are you going to join? LOL!

merry jennifer said...

Hi! I saw your post on twitter (thanks to Julie!) and love the cookies. I'm a Gator - living in Gainesville - and I'm very sad, but it looks like your prediction was correct. Love the cookies regardless!

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