Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's Eat Cake Fundraiser Updates!

It's been over a year since I competed in the Let's Eat Cake Fundraiser in Gainesville. It benefited the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and it was a really fun night!

My favorite photo of the night is this one, surrounded by the people who came specifically to support me. Hubby was out of town on business so I felt so special to have a great group of people there with me!

And the reason I'm bringing all this up again, is I JUST ran across some blog posts that the creator of the competition, Melissa, wrote after the competition.

Click here to see her post with a few of the night's entries.

Click here to see her post thanking the people who helped out...but definitely check out Steamy Kitchen's blog post about the event here. She has great pictures of Debbie's and my cakes! Ok, I'll just show you the photos she has of me and my cake:

So she forgot my name in her post...oh well! With such great photos, I can forgive that little detail!

Here is the Tampa Tribune's article about the event. I'm not mentioned in it, but it's still a great article.

Ok, now I'm getting giddy again! Here's Melissa's blog post about the WINNERS!!!

And here's Melissa's funny post about discovering she was featured in Gainesville Today, a local magazine. I had a very similar experience when people started telling me, "I saw you in the magazine!" Huh??? "Yea, there's a great photo of you!" So I immediately rushed out a grabbed a whole stack of the magazines. I gave a bunch to family and friends, but I still have 3 that I will - one day - display in my very own bakery!

Man, I'm so excited now! Competition really gets me going! But I'm also really excited about the Florida ICED Cake Competition because now I'm the one planning it! It's gonna be huge, people! I've already spoken to WCJB about being there for the event. You can bet I'll be talking to the Tampa Tribune, Gainesville Sun, Gainesville Today, etc! This is going to be THE place to be on March 27, 2011! Don't miss it!


Amber said...

Love all the articles and pics!! =)

and I can't wait until March!!

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