Monday, September 20, 2010

TV Remote Control Groom's Cake

This weekend, the very talented lady behind Photography by Lela got married! Shortly after I began working with Debbie, she asked me to do her wedding cake. Of course, I referred her to Debbie so she requested that I be her decorator!

Her fiance just LOVES his television (sounds familiar...) so her groom's cake was a giant TV remote control. She sent us a photo of his remote so we could create a sugar replica!

tv remote control cake grooms
This baby was at least 18 inches long!

tv remote control cake grooms
The cake was hand-carved and covered in black fondant. I took great care in cutting out all the fondant buttons. This really appealed to my Type A personality...straight lines, perfectly round circles....*sigh*...right up my alley.

tv remote control cake grooms
The toughest part was writing those tiny words. I used a tip 1 with royal icing, and I felt like the words should have been smaller still!


Edna Ruth said...

I like this. Looks like the real thing. Great work, Melanie.

DK said...


Sue said...

As always, your type A personality did an amazing job!

Lela said...

Not only was this cake awesome & got great laughs by my new husband, but the kids just LOVED nephew Dylan couldn't keep his hands off it. He kept pressing the buttons. Thank you so much Melanie, the cake was amazing!!

Mel said...

Haha! Lela, that's awesome! Thanks for letting us do the cake!

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