Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Red & Black Zebra Cake

We made this birthday cake for a young girl celebrating her 31st birthday. She'd spent her 30th birthday taking care of sick family members so she really wanted to go big this year!

She came in, sat down with Debbie, and picked out her own cake. She really liked the Pink & Black Zebra Cake we'd made for a 1st birthday party, and she wanted it to look elegant, mature, and glamorous.

Her party colors were red and black so we changed all the pink to red:

We topped the cake with red ribbon roses and pulled the zebra print pattern all the way over the top of the cake, rather than stopping at the top edge.

And we gave her a giant red bow on the second tier.

Isn't it funny how just a couple of simple changes can take a fun 1st birthday cake and make it into a mature, elegant 31st birthday cake?!


Amber said...

I loooove the red & black!! My two favorite colors and I do think they just pop in this design!!

DK said...

This is a dumb question. .I KNOW.. but this is all new to me(your site is making me want to take up a cake design hobby).. BUT Are the colors different flavors?? OR does it all taste the

Mel said...

DK, typically, the colors are all the same flavor. These cakes were covered and decorated with fondant, which tends to have a vanilla-like/marshmallow-like flavor and texture.

There is one fondant manufacturer that makes different flavors for each color, Fondarific. It's quite yummy! :)

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