Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busyness at the Bakery

We've been busy at the bakery lately! But not just with cakes and cookies. First, we went to the Gainesville Bridal Expo, hosted by Jay's Bridal at the Phillips Center for Performing Arts.

me, Debbie, and Gail peeking through from the back

Judy and Gail

Then, we went to the Florida Bridal Expo, hosted by Solutions Bridal at the UF Hilton.

How does Judy always manage to evade these photos?!

Anyway, the last event was what really wore us out! It was Ms. Debbie's semiannual "Say it Sweetly" cake tasting!

Almost 200 people came out to the event to eat lots of cake, finger foods from Celebration's Catering, see the AMAZING decorations by Event Divas, listen to the music played by G-Nys Entertainment, and just have fun! Russell Martin Photography got some really great shots of the evening so check out their Facebook page. And Platinum Digital Video made a really nice video montage!

Here are my favorites of Russell's photos:

the cake buffet

the filling stations

just a few of the guests enjoying yummy cake

one of Event Diva's gorgeous centerpieces

another centerpiece

The gals at Masterpiece Weddings helped with check-in at the entrance but they found time to enjoy the snacks.

Jarad Bowens of G-Nys Entertainment rocking the event

And in the midst of all this business, we've still done a bunch of cakes! Needless to say, I'm way behind on the photo editing but I'll get some cake photos to you ASAP!


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