Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cupcakes and Mini Cakes Galore!

Many bakeries typically define a "busy" week as one in which many orders needed to be fulfilled. Of course, the size of each order always comes into play...and last week was a perfect example of how the quantity/type of each order can really have an impact!

I think we had a total of...3? ...orders due last week. But one of those orders was for 200 vanilla chiffon cupcakes with pale yellow icing and a fondant bow on top.

200 of those? Oh yes.

But that was the easy part. The second order was for 200 mini cakes covered in blue fondant. Then, a white ribbon was wrapped around the base of each cake, and they were decorated with white icing polka dots.
Here they all are lined up in a box to be delivered to the lucky group! (They put them on cute plates at the party.)

Oh, and they also had individual monograms piped on them. Each party attendant had her monogram on her cake. 200 different monograms.

And what was the third order for? A classic, elegant gold anniversary cake:

It was iced in white buttercream and textured with a quilted pattern. Gold dragees were settled at the intersection points, and the whole cake was topped with a gum paste gift bow.

So, we only had 3 orders in the bakery last week...but it was FAR from what some may call a "slow" week! But you know what? After re-reading this post before sending it out to all of you, I'm thinking you really can't get a good idea of how time-consuming TWO HUNDRED of those dang little blue cakes were! So...just trust me when I say that we were beyond tired of seeing them by the time they went out for delivery. And now I feel like I need a nap after reliving the whole thing for this post...phew!


Amber said...

love the blue mini cakes!!

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