Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wilton Class Fun!

Last month, one of my students from Wilton Decorating Basics brought her camera to class and captured some great shots of the cupcake decorating in action!

And Elizma (the blond in the photo above) sent me a photo of her finished cupcakes, which she took to the Ronald McDonald House to share with the children there.

Such variety and cuteness!  My personal favorite is the yellow fishie. *smile*

Also last month, we found a little extra time* in the Wilton Flowers & Cake Design class so we decided to model a gum paste figure together.  Since I'm the teacher, I got to choose what we created.  And, since I love clowns, that's what we did!

Isn't it funny how each clown is so different, even though we were all following the same instructions?  Well, aside for the two identical ones, which were created by sisters who somehow managed to make clone clowns. Oh, and some of the clowns are missing eyes because we didn't actually have time to finish them in class.  But don't the little buggers look great?!

*Ok, so technically, I can get in trouble for teaching the fondant figure in class.  I'm supposed to ONLY teach the Wilton curriculum...but these girls were fast!  We got through the curriculum so quickly that we had an entire class session free!  How could I deny them a fondant figure?  So, um...let's just keep this on the down low. *wink*



oh this looks like so much fun! I was going to go to these classes in my area just last week but I am waiting till next month. The end of summer is comming and I don't want to miss anything, better do it when it cools down a bit. Beautiful job with the decorations to all. By the way how do you get to teach one of those classes anyway?


Melanie said...

Usually, new instructors are recommended by current Wilton instructors if there is a vacancy in the area. When you take the classes, talk to your instructor about it! He/she should know if there's a spot for you in the area. :)

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