Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School's Back in Session - Pile of Books Cake

The kiddos are all getting ready to head back to school! They've got to get all their pencils, notebooks and folders (in just the right colors, mind you), paper, backpacks, rulers, etc. And when they get to school, they'll be issued their heavy, information-packed text books!

Of course, this cake was for a college graduation, but I think we can apply it to today's post.

Dhyana's parents came into the shop to order her graduation cake. Apparently her favorite subject is Biochemistry and she also enjoys Calculus so those are the two books we created to sit under her graduation cap.*

The books and cap were all cake, and we used fondant to decorate them. A ridged rolling pin (similar to the one we used on the Florida Highway Patrol hat) was used to create an effect that looked like book pages.

And the diploma, banner, and stars were also created out of fondant.

Good luck in school this year, kids! As a member of the official Ph.D. Club**, I think I've earned the right to say, "Stinks to be you!" {evil laugh}

*I cannot wrap my head around the idea that Biochemistry and Calculus were her favorite subjects in school. I guess we're all wired pretty differently...In fact, my Mom once told me that she thought Statistics was "fun"! Um...riiiiiiight.

**Yes, I just created the club for fellow suckers who have a doctorate degree, but I think it could really fly!


Sue said...

Another fantastic cake, and Statistics was fun!

NM said...

Nice cake, but thinks for reminding me that I'll be busier than ever.... :)

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