Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Florida Highway Patrolman's Hat Cake

A few weeks ago, we were asked to make a groom's cake that looked like a Florida Highway Patrolman's hat. Here's an image of the hat I found online to share with you:

And this is the best close-up photo I can find seems to be a different model of the hat, but you'll get the general idea:

Here's the hat we created:

The family provided us some really great close-up photos of the groom's actual hat. The hardest part of the design was the concentric circles that covered the whole hat. Once we figured out how to do that with the fondant, the rest was just simple details.

And even better - the family provided the REAL cords and medal for the front of the hat! You thought they looked super nice, didn't you? Yea, I can't take any credit for them. But I think they really enhanced the look of the cake hat!

I was told that when people saw the cake, they thought the groom had left his hat sitting on the table. You just can't get a better compliment than that!


Sue said...

That really is an amazing cake, even without fondant cords & medals. How did you make the concentric circles? Is it a secret?

NM said...

That cake is awesome.

Edna Ruth said...

This cake looks so real. Fantastic! Amazing!

Mel said...

Nah, it's not a secret. ;) It was really difficult though! We used a rolling pin that has ridges in it...and we had to roll it in a circle, keeping the center still while the outside edge rotated all the way around. Not easy to do on fondant!

faithy, the baker said...
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faithy, the baker said...

sorry..typo error in the earlier post..

This looks so realistic!! Looks like a real hat!!

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