Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tackle Box Cake

A few weeks ago, a woman ordered a cake for her husband's 30th birthday. We were so excited to see the order come to fruition because there was a LOT of sugar artwork involved!

She asked us to make a life-sized tackle box filled with grubs, fishing lures, and things that had special meaning to the family.

We marbleized different shades of brown fondant to give the box a wood-grain effect, and the lid of the box was made of Rice Krispies Treats.

The tool tray was made entirely of gum paste. In it, we piled in the grubs, worms, and fishing lures. We also added a hand-made orchid because the family grows & sells them, a sugar pacifier to represent their baby boy, and a book called "Why Daughters Need Dads" because he had given his oldest daughter that book years ago.

In front of the tackle box, we placed more grubs & lures, another orchid, and a side of cole slaw. Cole slaw? Apparently the husband and wife are crazy about the stuff!

Off to the side, we placed a sugar replica of the husband's sunglasses, another orchid, and a spool of fishing line that read "30 Year Test."

We were so thrilled with how this cake came out, and I'm especially proud of the orchids!


Amber said...

love all of the details!!

Kari said...

Love how they personalized the cake with the details. Great job as always!

Sue said...

Your dad would love a cake like this...maybe without the orchids. Everything looks so realistic!

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